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Zip Utils

QuickPlay contains a number of Zip utilities, which can be found in the 'ROMs' menu at the top of the screen. The utilities are:

Zip utils.png

Mass File Unzipper

A simple tool to unzip a lot of zip files, into a specified directory. The options for this tool are self-explanatory.

Mass File Zipper

This tool can be used to zip up a lot of files into separate zip files, instead of them being zipped into one big file, now you have a zip file for each file. There is now a configurable level of compression, obviously the higher the compression the longer the operation will take to finish. Once again this tool is very easy to use.

Zip File Renamer

A more pointless tool (although less pointless than before), this function will examine every zip file in a given directory, and if the zip file contains ONLY one file, the zip file will be renamed to the name of the file inside. It is now possible to rename the file inside the archive to match the filename of the Zip file. Which makes this tool only slightly more useful than before. :-)

Zip File Verifier

This tool can be used to verify that a lot of zip files in a directory are in fact valid archives. If an archive is detected as being 'invalid' then it will be moved to a directory of your choice. This is slightly less pointless than the previous tool...