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Welcome To QuickPlay

Thanks for checking out QuickPlay, the universal-emulator frontend. In case you're not sure what a 'frontend' is, basically QuickPlay is a tool for managing and launching Roms from many systems, from one program instead of using different emulators to launch their own roms. Check out the history page for new features.

History Of QuickPlay

QuickPlay began development in July 2001 as a challenge between John Scott's brother and John to see which is the better language, Delphi (which QuickPlay is written in) or visual basic 6. John's brother gave up and turned to writing 'easier' applications such as save-state editors. Development on QuickPlay stopped for a long period of time while John was away at university and didn't have much time to keep working on it, and then after he completly disappeared from the face of the earth, but we're cooking now after community uptake!