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Thanks for checking out QuickPlay, the universal-emulator frontend. In case you're not sure what a 'frontend' is, basically QuickPlay is a tool for managing and launching Roms from many systems, from one program instead of using different emulators to launch their own roms. QuickPlay is a also a Frontend of Frontends, meaning that it can pull in files from other Emulation projects that have their own frontends for the systems and game formats they support. Why would you want this? In order to have all your games in one place so you can easily search, find and play them from a single place

QuickPlay is different from other frontends because it has, upfront, an emulation-finding function: it scans your filesystem(s) for Emulation and then you scan your filesystem(s) for games and link them to the found emulators. This functionality works really great.

What QuickPlay is not is a Media-Centre-like frontend. Its very good for finding and searching and collecting, at the expense of itself suppporting GFX-heavy features and videos. Think of QuickPlay more as a playable catalogue of your games rather than an an arcade-machine that's always on attract mode. It is very powerful yet very friendly. It does support things like PC Games, Comic Book Readers, PDF Readers and you can use RetroArch's video and media players as eaulators to build up collections of media in QuickPlayer. If you have more than one emulator you use and more than one game you play on each, you're going to find QuickPlay useful.