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ROMs for some emulators wont run anymore, they used to, but now they don't!

This MIGHT occur if an emulator doesn't support Zip Files, and that emulator doesn't exit properly the temporary file that QuickPlay creates may become 'stuck' on the hard drive instead of being deleted, and this will mean no more games will run for emulators that don't have Zip Support. Luckily this problem is easily fixed, just go to the QuickPlay directory and see if there is a directory called 'Temp', if this directory exists then delete it and try running the ROM again - it SHOULD work!

I've messed up my 'Systems.dat'/Language.txt/types.txt file, can you send me a new one?

Just delete the file from the 'DATS' directory in QuickPlay and next time you start QuickPlay the default files will be created.

ROMs don't run with an emulator

This could be a number of problems. Here's some suggestions :

  • Run the roms manually with the emulator outside of command line - do they work?
  • Run the roms with the emulator using command line outside of QuickPlay (you might find it handy to use QuickPlay's 'run-as' dialog and right the 'command that will be run' box to grab the command line QuickPlay is trying to run - if command line can't run it, QuickPlay won't be able to either
  • Use the ROM Dialog screen and try changing whether the emulator supports zip files, and the short ROM Path property is also a likely candidate. Keep trying different combinations until you find one that works, and then remember to go and set the default properties for the emulator in the emulator management screen.

QuickPlay sometimes says Zip Files are invalid, when they are valid files.

This is a strange problem, and is more to do with the zip dlls than QuickPlay. Any files which are flagged as invalid by QuickPlay should be checked by seeing if they can be opened in a zip application

Can you make xxxx feature faster?

Im always working on it! Let me know what feature it is and I will try

QuickPlay doesn't show my ROMs anymore, what's wrong?

  • make sure you don't have a filter on! QuickPlay wont delete your filter, so if you filter a folder and then move to a new ROM folder the filter will remain. check the status bar to see how many ROMs are filtered out.
  • browse to the QuickPlay directory. Find the 'data' directory, and inside it you find the directory structure from the folder list of QuickPlay. Now navigate to the directory that doesn't load and see if there is a romdata.dat (text) file there. If there is and the text file is full of your data then QuickPlay has had problems. Post your issue on the forums.

I set up my directory mirroring options and nothing happened!

Click the 'rescan' button, which can be found on the toolbar above the folder listing. It's the icon with the folder and a magnifying class! It can also be found in the ROMS menu on the main menu. Just click this button and it will all work!

I can't get any real game icon set to work with my ROMS!

Make sure that in the main preferences screen you have ticked both options to enable Real Icons support - both are needed! Also make sure you have specified a directory

I want to change all my ROMS to be 'English' in language, do I have to set each one manually?

No of course not. Just select as many ROMs as you want to change in your ROM listings, and then right-click and go to ROM properties where you can change the language (and a few other settings) for all selected ROMs

How do I add my MAME roms in a folder? I add them via 'add roms' but it looks all wrong

You've missed the Arcade Roms menu and the MAME instructions section in this wiki - you don't add MAME roms like you add other roms, you scan the mame xml - see The Mame Arcade Setup Instructions

I have set QuickPlay to minimise when running a ROM, but it rarely comes back!

Try disabling the minimise option

I have launched a few ROMs and my Emulator doesnt seem to work properly - the keys are disabled!

This could be tied in with the hiding QuickPlay when running a ROM. Try disabling the minimise option

QuickPlay always adds a space before/after commandline parameters, can you turn this off?

Sure, all you need to do is if you DONT require a space is include the # character at the start/end of your parameters. So if your paramter is '#.something' and its AFTER the rom path, then it becomes : 'rom.zip.something', instead of 'rom.zip .something'.

Error: "Archive not extracted"

It worth thinking about two things: the destination folder and the unzip operation

* Can your version of 7zip extract the file outside of QuickPlay?
* At the moment QuickPlay uses its own version of 7zip, can QuickPlay unzip the file? There is a compression options menu item that lets you unzip source files to some other directory, does that work?
* Or more simply: if you change the directory QuickPlay is trying to extract to, does that work? One way of quickly doing this is chaging the global extraction directory (see general options) - does it work then? If so check security and access settings on the folder you initially tried to extract to

When I click on a game and the Media Panel can't find a related file, I receive the error "Cannot open file....."

QP isn't finding the default 'no image found' image and/or the new logo - these need to be in the root QP folder, they come with the QuickPlay download package. Download QuickPlay again and copy them in.

My problem isn't listed here

Have a look on the buglist to see if your bug is there. If still no, bad luck kiddo! No, only kidding....get in contact on the forums