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System Font Support

Applicable Version: 3.8.4+


QuickPlay will now attempt to use whatever your default Windows font is set to. QuickPlay reads the value set for "Message Box" text and applies it to all elements on every form. Font size/style is also adhered to. This may lead to a problem where very large sized fonts don't fit into the UI. If this is the case, any areas where slightly larger than standard fonts are cropped should be reported in the QuickPlay forums as a bug.

Disabling System Font Detection

The support for this font detection can also be disabled if it causing major problems. Unfortunately as of yet there is no UI to disable the font detection, so you must manually do it by following doing the following:

  1. Browse to the QuickPlay installation directory.
  2. In the same directory as qp.exe create a file and call it "DisableSysFont.jon". Be aware that by default Microsoft Windows will hide a file's true file extension.
  3. Restart QuickPlay and the fonts will revert to the fonts at compilation time.

Future Developments

Currently this font detection support is pretty basic. In the future expect to see:

  • UI settings to control font detection, instead of creating random files!
  • UI better copes with very large fonts.
  • Possibly the option to use the system font, but not its size? And vice-versa?