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Quick Start

Thank you for downloading QuickPlay, this short guide will show you how to set up QuickPlay for the first time with the minimum of fuss or effort, so you can hurry up and get playing some games!

Requirements for running QuickPlay are a Windows 64-bit machine

Step 1- Setting up the Program

Download the QuickPlay package and Unzip to a suitable directory

Files extracted.PNG

Then right click the qp.exe and go to properties...

Display Scaling

QuickPlay works great at extreme resolutions:

Large monitor recommended.png

But many old emulators don’t...Different versions of Windows will try and scale emulators differently, and this can lead to chaos when you play games from multiple emulators, as you may have found....

The great news is that if you tell QuickPlay to ignore windows’ attempts to scale it to work on High-DPI, this setting gets passed to everything that QuickPlay launches - so its a setting you can set once and it will get used in every emulator that QuickPlay can find and launch.

So tell QuickPlay to stop trying to scale QuickPlay up by right-clicking qp.exe and selecting “ignore display scaling for High-DPI” in the compatibility tab, and QuickPlay will tell every Emulator it launches to do the same, and QuickPlay itself will look great, with no scaling artifacts and a large view into your games


Step 2 - Running the program

Now launch qp.exe - QuickPlay will detect that this is the first time you have run the program and start the 'getting started wizard', follow it if you want to get some emulators and roms playable immediately.

Wizard1.PNG Wizard2.PNG Wizard3.PNG Wizard4.PNG

When finished, some default files will get created for you in the QuickPlay's root folder and if you didn't scan any roms, you'll be given one default romdata folder called 'QuickPlay' (in the filesystem you can find your romdata folders in QuickPlay's "data" directory)

Step 3 - Running a ROM

If you didn't use the wizard, or you want more roms, use the Efinder menu to find emulators


then make new romdata folders on the left hand side of QuickPlay and right click in them and select "scan for roms". Just double-click the ROM you wish to run, or you can right-click on it and click Run.


Also if you right-click on any run you can choose 'run With' and any other emulators which emulates that system will appear and you can run with that emulator instead. Now enjoy your game!