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Thank you for downloading QuickPlay, this short guide will show you how to set up QuickPlay for the first time with the minimum of fuss or effort, so you can hurry up and get playing some games!

Step 1- Setting up the Program

After unzipping the zip file into a suitable directory please ensure that the following files are present and in the appropriate directories. QP.exe - the main executable. Unzdll.dll - this should be in the same directory as QP.exe Zipdll.dll - This should be in the same directory as QP.exe 'EFind' Directory - This directory should contain a number of .dat files - please do not remove this directory or these files as the Emu-Finder is dependant on these files existing!

Step 2 - Running the program

Run the Program, and QuickPlay will detect that this is the first time you have run the program and start the 'getting started wizard', now follow the on-screen instructions! Its as easy as that.

Step 3 - Running a ROM

Now you have added some ROMs, running the game of your choice is super-simple! Just double-click the ROM you wish to run, or you can right-click on it and click Run. Also if you right-click on any run you can choose 'run With' and any other emulators which emulator the system will appear. Now enjoy your game!