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QuickPlay Roadmap

John's last wishlist:

  • Statistic generation.
  • Check for updates online - There was a crappy implementation of this in Quickplay a long time ago, but it was craptacular. (now done)
  • UI changes - The UI is at best inconsistent, at worst its terrible. Options seem to be all over the place, menu items are in the wrong category, Icons look rubbish, and the Media panel looks like assburgers. (a bit harsh!)
  • SVN - Get Quickplay source code into the Sourceforge SVN repository (now done with GIT)
  • Improve GoodMerge support - Its cursed with crappy UI, and not as easy as it could be.
  • ROM Information panel - Possibly below the media panel, a form which contains information about the currently selected ROM. This would allow you to turn off the 20 million columns and still see ROM information.
  • Patching format - NINJA patching format support
  • Internationalization. - This will require the use of Unicode aware controls, and some sort of translation code. GetText or its Delphi equivalent?
  • Resize Icons - Allow resizing of icons in the Directory view. Also I don't think transparent icons work properly.
  • ROM Info database - ROM information database. Research, and then try to get something documented and implemented.