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Launching CD Images

QuickPlay now has a powerful Multiloader tool, this info included for historical reasons - don't follow it!

As most of you noticed, Quickplay can't extract both cues and bins from zip files. With only one file extracted, like the .bin file for example, you wont hear any music from the game. A cue sheet, or cue file, is a metadata file which describes how the tracks of a CD or DVD are laid out. Cue sheets are stored as plain text files and commonly have a ".cue" filename extension. The same applies for mdf and mds files...

In this tutorial I will use Sega Saturn as the system I am trying to get working with Quickplay.


Zip Images

First of all if your game's bins/cues are zipped make sure both files are named the same including the zip these 2 files are in.

Ensure cue file matches name of bin

Also it might be worth to open the cue with notepad and see what is says. For instance some Saturn games have a cue that show something similar to this in notepad:

FILE "SegaSega Saturn Collection (U)NIGHTS into dreams (E).BIN" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00

This cue wont launch the game you want to play because it can't find it. Remove everything before NIGHTS into dreams (E).BIN and save. (Make sure whatever you name the bin here is what it is really named. If your bin file is named "XYZ.bin" make sure you put this in your cue file.)

Extract cue

Next extract just the cue file from the zip and place it in the same directory as the zip.

Install Daemon Tools

When this is done, lets go and install Daemon tools. For this tutorial I used Daemon Tools I could not get Daemon Tools Pro working because the command lines are different even though the help file said it's the same. Once installed open it and you should see the Daemon tools icon in your system tray. Right click it and deselect everything in options. Now make sure you have at least one virtual device and remember it's Drive Letter.

Set up Emulator

Now lets open up Quickplay. If you havent already, download the updated efinder dats from the downloads section and scan your emulator folder for Saturn emulators. Here I will use SSF as my emulator for Saturn. You will find 2 SSF emulators added to Quickplay. One is named SSF Cue and the other SSF Mds. You will later assign these the games that have cues or mds files. Now hit F6 on your keyboard and the emulator management window should appear. Find the sega Saturn folder and expand it. You should see those two SSF emulators I mentioned before. All the command lines and parameters empty for now. You have to add the two commands below where it says "Command to run before launching roms" and "Command to run after launching roms".

Here is what mine looks like:

Command to run before launching roms: "C:Program FilesDAEMON Toolsdaemon.exe" -mount 0,"%ROMdir%%romfilenamenoext%.cue"

Command to run after launching roms: "C:Program FilesDAEMON Toolsdaemon.exe" -unmount 0

For each SSF emu make sure you put in the full directory of where you installed Daemon tools in the "Command to run before launching roms" and "Command to run after launching roms".

In the first command we are telling quickplay to mount the cue after extracting the bin (which you should select in quickplay by enabling goodmerge support; I will explain this later.) But how does quickplay know how to mount the cue if we only extracted the bin? Well since these two files are named the same, they only have different extentions. This is why you see the .cue at the end of the command line. As for the command to run after launching roms, this tells quickplay to unmount the bin so quickplay can delete it.

Most importantly make sure you select "Extract to ROMS directory" !

Enable GoodMerge support

When that step is finished in Quickplay select the folder where you saturn games are and right click to select folder options. Go to the goodmerge support Tab and check the box that says "Enable goodmerge support for this folder". Then hit OK. Now you see what each zip or rar file contains.

Now assign the SSF Cue emulator to every game that contains bins/cues and SSF MDS to every game with Mds/MDF.

TIP: To help, you can select multiple items by holding CTRL and selecting. Then right clicking the selection you made and hitting rom properties. There you can assign an emulator once and it will be assigned to every item you selected.

Set Virtual Drive as Default in Emulator

Lastly open up SSF and make sure it is using the right drive to boot a game from. This is where your virtual drive comes into play... Select the virtual drive and hit OK. The SSF emu will say something in a different language (japanese I think?) just press OK and continue. (It most likely says you have to restart the emulator to apply the changes.)

Play Game

Now that everything is ready, you want to finally play a game right? So in Quickplay expand a rom to see its contents. Select the BIN file and run it. Now this will take a pretty decent amount of time depending on how big the bin is and how fast your computer is. Just wait and soon enough SSF will start up with its Bios screen and boot the game you selected. Enjoy =D

(If this does not happen then you probably did something wrong. Please go over this tutorial once more and if you are still getting an error post in the forums to get more help, Good luck)