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Feature List

Core Features List for QuickPlay 3.8x

  • Support for a huge range of emulators - click here to view list
  • Enhanced Support for MAME, including game renamer which will make sure all your MAME games have the correct names, also QuickPlay also supports the use of the catver.ini file to find game types, and now experimental support for scanning Merged ROM files.
  • Uses the Virtual Tree view extensively, which simply means much faster program response.
  • Emu-Finder - an automatic way to find all supported emulators on your computer and add them to the emulator database which can save LOTS of manual work! This feature is also infinitely expandable with new Dat files which add to its capability. For Further information please click here
  • Zip File support for those emulators which don't support this popular compression format. QuickPlay also now comes a wide variety of ZIP functions built-in. Included is a Mass File unzipper, a Mass File Zipper, Zip file renamer, and a Mass Zip file verifier which checks for 'valid' zip files. Also QuickPlay can now scan inside a zip file, so if you have put all your ROMs inside one zip file QuickPlay is capable of scanning your ROMs which can then be extracted and run automatically
  • Built-in IPS patcher. Now can you launch game hacks with the minimum of hassle.
  • Multi-Directory Scanner, means you can set QuickPlay up with all your ROMS in a matter of minutes.
  • Directory Mirroring options, now you can make sure that Quickplay has all your latest ROM downloads with the click of one button!
  • Media Panel will scan for media related to a ROM and display images in the panel, while any video or sounds clips can be played in your default player
  • Mouse emulation with a game pad. Control QuickPlay (and Windows!) from your game pad. Requires a DirectX compatible pad.
  • Folder based database for storing Roms - you add them once and they stay there, so you don't have to repeatedly scan ROMs
  • Favourite Roms - you can add your favourite ROMs into a favourites list which is easily accessible from the main menu, no need to go looking for that game you always play!
  • Find Rom - when you need to find a certain ROM, but cant remember where it is - simply use the search and enter the first few characters of the ROM name and hit search!
  • Rom Properties screen now allows you to customise all aspects of a ROM.
  • Improved export options, now you can export your ROM listings to text, XHTML or XML.
  • Windows XP support, if you use Windows XP QuickPlay will adopt the Windows XP appearance options.
  • And a whole host of options to allow you to customise QuickPlay to your tastes!