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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a basic guide available anywhere?

Yes! Check it out here.

Is Quickplay only compatible with specific romsets?

QuickPlay is very flexible: Goodsets, GoodMerged, No Intro, MAME, Other arcade sets, GameBase, NonGood and others have all been catered for, many other kinds of set should be able to be setup

What is GoodMerge and why is it associated with QuickPlay?

GoodMerge is a rom set in which all known versions of a particular game are zipped into one file. Quickplay supports reading directly from zipped GoodMerge sets, and gives you the option to select whichever version you would like to play. It also gives you the option to set a default version to be run whenever the game is chosen. You can find more information at the GoodMerge site. QuickPlay was originally used heavily for GoodMerge sets, and you can find a set of GoodMerge screenshots posted on QuickPlay's forums

What is an Emulator Frontend?

Historically frontends were GUI programs that allowed easy access to command-line applications. This is also true for emulators, as many early emulators had no proper GUI. Quickplay is a multi-emulator frontend, which basically means that instead of being a GUI for just one emulator, its a frontend for many emulators.

It hides the complexity of configuring and running different emulators and generally makes life easier.

How do I use the Wiki?

QuickPlayWiki is fully editable and everyone is welcome to contribute to the documentation.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software, or there's a handy reference at metawikipedia:Help:Editing, and then you can head over to the SandBox to see how it all works.

Does QuickPlay support managing files other than roms?

Yes! You can also use it to manage movies, PDFs, text files, or any file for which you have a default program defined in Windows. Just define a media panel to display thumbnails and you will see icons of all filetypes in your panel.

Setting Up QuickPlay

How do I set up MAME to work with QuickPlay?

See the guide for doing this.

Can QuickPlay read a zipped collection of roms?

Yes, see the guide here.

How do I add screenshots?

Tools>media panel options > path configuration tab - then select a system and highlight screenshots - in there point to your screenshots and tell QP how you exactly you can match the screenshot name to the rom name. It must include the whole rom name somewhere in the screesnhot name for this to work

How do I change the background of the emulator frontend?

Right click on a system you've setup in the roms windows in the sidebar - go to folder option - tick 'use image for folder background' - point to a background.

I' have a problem

See the troubleshooting guide