Main Download

Simply download the zip file, extract it to wherever and run the file. This link takes you to the sourceforge download page, the latest version will be highlighted. Just click the link and then pick the mirror closest to you.

Download QuickPlay 4.6.2 (34MB)

If you want to upgrade just copy the files into your existing QuickPlay directory.

If you are upgrading from a SERIOUSLY old version, your data files need to be converted to add support for newer features. This is an automatic process, however files are only updated the first time they are opened. If you never go into a folder, it will never be updated. My recommendation is when running the new version of QuickPlay for the first time to open the Find dialog and do a search for anything, the search process will need to open files and they will all get updated in one go.

Source Code

Check out the source code using git:
git clone git://