Welcome to the QuickPlay homepage. QuickPlay is a windows-only powerful universal emulator 'frontend-of-frontends', which has support for countless emulators and systems, old and new, with a philosophy of being quick and easy for new users, yet comprehensive and flexible for old-timers. It was written in the heyday of RAD and OO frontends (as such it's written in Delphi), and like other frontends of the time, its very powerful and able to support considerable complexity and customisation (think MAMEUI, but on steroids). However unlike many other frontends of the time, its also very flexible and adaptable, and still updated by enthusiastic supporters. It takes a fresh approach to the backend which, in particular, gives blisteringly-fast search over large and diverse romsets.

Its creator, John Scott (wherever you are), came up with the idea of EMU-Finder files and scans, which have stood the test of time and proved to be immensely powerful. To date i think that QuickPlay supports the most emulators, multi-emulators, and other frontends (MAME, MESS, RetroArch, Gamebase, Mednafen, BlueMSX, WinUAELoader, and others). It also favors archived roms (7zip, the Good sets in particular) and incorporates a Multiloader disk loader for all kinds of CD/DVD-based systems, no matter how you compress them, and Tempest's ROMDATA files, giving auto-game information for a great many 80's and 90's systems.

Quickplay is quite a different proposition than other retro-frontends as it favours functionality and simplicity over looks - you'll find thoroughness and consideration for users here, rather than gameplay videos and logos


QuickPlay 4.1.4 is released
  • correct syntax error in mutliloader
Posted by butter100fly on 03-09-2016
QuickPlay 4.1.3 is released
This release mainly about CD/DVD loading, cached loading and Retroarch support. See the detailed breakdown on the wiki here: QuickPlay New Features Guide
  • New full Retroarch Efind (everything but MESS: that's to follow next!)
  • Multiloader Cache
    • now can cache archived images locally in a temp directory
    • uses robocopy and looks for symlinks
    • checks cache before redownloading
    • checks your local copies of archives and recopy if they got interrupted/corrupted
  • Multiloader functions/upgrade
    • upgraded to use daemon tools lite 10.4 - the newest and actually best! Vastly improved performance
    • you can now mount a zip in daemon tools and pass the iso to the emulator
    • we now look in archives using 7zip to find the runnable iso
    • made multiloaders for some PSP, Gamecube, NDS and Dreamcast emus (which enables us to cache those systems' games too)
    • added Saturn emulator SFF to multiloader
    • supports the non-typical command line of NullDC the Dreamcast emu
  • Multiloader maintainance
    • fixed a bug where you sometimes had to click a rom twice to (multi-)load it
    • removed winmount from the multiloader (this was great but got discontinued)
    • fixed exclamation marks and ampersands in paths
    • fixed to consitently use 8:3 names or shortnames
  • Efind
    • fixed bug with efind window and large displays
    • fixed issue with results screen
  • added background images submitted by dar3255
  • Corrected system names for some odd systems
Posted by butter100fly on 01-09-2016
New Forum Site - Please re-register!
We've got a new forum for QuickPlay! Click forums to the left here to be taken to the new site.

We're going to start from scratch. Why? One big reason is that the old 'IPboard' forum was setup when we'd lost Koss' Quickplay fansite some years ago, a while after losing John himself, and it was meant to be a store of information about QuickPlay, backgrounds, romdatas, icons, you name it...

so it was more than a forum (it had a front page and topics that were just download paths really), its was kinda an extension to QuickPlay itself, but quite a manual one - we saw QuickPlay as fixed and not user-contributable...

These days we incorporate assets into QuickPlay quickly - post me some I'll show you ;-) Many users have contributed emu setups and romdatas and graphics and so there's no need for 'separate' stores of the latest user-contributed files.

Also we have a wiki for user information here.

Over the coming weeks I'll be adding some of the knowledge from the old forum site that still hasn't made it to the wiki - please point out anything I've missed

Downside is we need you to re-register: If you still love QuickPlay as much as we do - register and post your story....

I hope you enjoy the new forums

thanks, enjoy....
Posted by butter100fly on 02-05-2016
QuickPlay 4.1.2 is released
  • added messmameUI, for now, as an arcade cab
  • mame script now updated for changes in Mame 0.163, incremented to v1.5
  • fix bugs in mame script
  • fixed bug in html file I/O
Posted by butter100fly on 02-09-2015
QuickPlay 4.1.1 is released
  • Multiloader patched for Changes in DeamonTools v10
  • Added the project's changelog
  • Fixed long-standing bug with multiloader imp
  • Multiloader code exposed - compiled multiloader got too annoying. Users can now change live
  • Multiloader adapted for DTlite v9 major-version change
  • exe from loader bat recompiled
  • ini and readme for batch updated to reflect changes
  • batch loader altered to allow user extraction path
  • source code files live with their assets to be useful
  • removed 'original homepage' link from help menu
  • Reinstated manual update check in help menu
Posted by butter100fly on 14-06-2015