Welcome to the QuickPlay homepage. QuickPlay is a windows-only powerful universal emulator 'frontend-of-frontends', which has support for countless emulators and systems, old and new, with a philosophy of being quick and easy for new users, yet comprehensive and flexible for old-timers. It was written in the heyday of RAD and OO frontends (as such it's written in Delphi), and like other frontends of the time, its very powerful and able to support considerable complexity and customisation (think MAMEUI, but on steroids). However unlike many other frontends of the time, its also very flexible and adaptable, and still updated by enthusiastic supporters. It takes a fresh approach to the backend which, in particular, gives blisteringly-fast search over large and diverse romsets.

Its creator, John Scott (wherever you are), came up with the idea of EMU-Finder files and scans, which have stood the test of time and proved to be immensely powerful. To date i think that QuickPlay supports the most emulators, multi-emulators, and other frontends (MAME, MESS, RetroArch, Gamebase, Mednafen, BlueMSX, WinUAELoader, and others). It also favors archived roms (7zip, the Good sets in particular) and incorporates a Multiloader disk loader for all kinds of CD/DVD-based systems, no matter how you compress them, and Tempest's ROMDATA files, giving auto-game information for a great many 80's and 90's systems.

Quickplay is quite a different proposition than other retro-frontends as it favours functionality and simplicity over looks - you'll find thoroughness and consideration for users here, rather than gameplay videos and logos


QuickPlay 4.6.0 is released
  • Mame softlists: other game names functionality: Mame made some mistakes:
    • mamenames for games are unique per-machine's device, not unique per machine as they should be (smb2 could be both a flop for the Jap version and a cart for the US version, so what happens when you call mame famicom smb2?)
    • mamename loading (without specifying device) does nice things like multi-disc loading. If you do specify device, no nice things
    • its hard to tell when you have a name conflice, which device will be treated as the 'default' So, to load the correct game, we look for exceptional game name conflicts between the original softlists for a system. If we find conflicts, only then do we override the mame call by specifying device
  • fix some other issues found to get more games working in mame, in particular:
    • the custom calls needed for the nes_ and snes_ 'special cartridge' softlists
    • forcing up the rating of certain emulators for a system, to make sure games load easier, in particular msx1_flop, where a late Brazilian variant loads double-density disks, and msx2p, where the previous default emus required you to know Japanese to load a game
  • make image fit in thumbnail media panel view...
  • add back and next buttons for image viewer
  • update and tweak the RetroArch efind, many additions and fixes to take up to RetroArch 1.6.9
  • stop multiloader using deamon tools to mount zips (turns out it was VERY slow, often in-game, just always unzip)
  • refresh mednafen efinds (add mednafen saturn)
Posted by butter100fly on 10-02-2018
QuickPlay 4.5.0 is released
QuickPlay - MAME Edition entirely reworks all previous MAME/RetroArch MAME/MESS/UME functionality. Its one of the largest changes to QuickPlay that has been made. If you already have MAME or RetroArch's MAME working fine outside of QuickPlay, it should now be easy to make the MAME lists of your dreams for Arcade, Home Computer and Console games. It also makes QuickPlay work really well with 2K and high-DPI monitors, fixes joypad support, and contains numerous fixes for other UI elements and annoying quirks that help to make QuickPlay a great MAME frontend. The release goes with a major revamp of the QuickPlay web content aimed at helping new users get playing quickly - see the refreshed and very-visual wiki documentation
  • Joypad Support
    • Re-implement joypad support (so that it works!) with Windows messaging implementation for a much more responsive joypad
    • allow media panel navigation and buttons 1+ 2 cycle through media panel tabs
    • stop having to keep left held for sidebar access
    • allow for analog or digital pads
    • fix mutiple problems with joypad logic
    • button 1 expands/contracts in dir or folders view

  • General
    • add RetroArch Efind ini for RetroArch 167
    • fix system names in Romdata Magician for system ini lists
    • replace Romdata Magician Ini File Dats with larger-width versions
    • fix ini files not displaying entry source urls
    • get runrom working in find/search form (for non-IPS)
    • update default systems list
    • remove the systems list in updates folder

  • UI Changes
    • lose some warnings about slowdowns on older machinces
    • resize forms for modern screen sizes: emu find, folder options, media panel, media panel config editor, run dialog, search form, efind forms, and generally expand forms for longer emulator names
    • resize emulators and edit its pngs size
    • fixed folder tree slidebar bug
    • fix bug with roms panel dir size
    • slight reskin inc version number
    • fix bug in efind form that restricted window size
    • explain dat and efind. change cmds to live flag
    • fix bug with folder creation dialogs
    • fix bug found in Virtual TreeView: hit column number
    • fix filter bar appearance on high DPI
    • fix icons on roms sidebar hanging over bottom
    • fix overhanging text in filter textbox
    • tweak and reorder favourites and search forms

  • MAME Frontend
    • Reworked Arcade Roms menu completely: new forms, actions and menu options setup for MAME backend (you're now supposed to keep returning to the Arcade menu to update and print different Romdatas)
    • Replaced Mess Icons Directory setting in Appearance Options with MAME Extras locator in MAME Options
    • Set and remember various other MAME options
    • completing MAME Options now causes Folder Options to include a properly-filtered set of MAME Console/PC System Icons for use, massively reducing the time the MAME icon list took to appear
    • MameIcons in folder options: refactor to shave a few secs off as well
    • warn and provide getout if user is about to wipe existing Romdatas
    • 19 MAME printer checkboxes now saving as ini settings
    • old MAME options removed from menu and old MAME script removed from tools
    • pass MAME exe filename so that MAME Efinds can use it, save MAME Tool's MAME filename choice in MAME options

  • MAME General
    • add Mame dat files to add new tab/default tab and media panel opts forms
    • display the various MAME dat files in Media Panel config
    • made those MAME info lookups work, in particular home computer and console lookups in the MAME history file are functional as well as arcade lookups
    • Updated the MAME Efinds
    • MAME now has its own section in settings ini

  • MAME Tool
    • add MameTool nodejs command line 64-bit binary (first attempt to move the backend away from Delphi)
    • a scanning function reads and filters the MAME XML (effectively the MAME game libarary) into usable JSON, tags by version, and requests the location of your MAME Extras folder
    • reads all MAME 'ini' files to better-filter MAME games and add metadata like number of players
    • allow creation of subfolder collections: e.g.: split a MAME set's Romdatas by Genre folders
    • users can filter games by often-excluded properties e.g.: clones
    • or, users can load a MAME File Manager file into QuickPlay and filter by that
    • create customised MAME Romdata sets for MAME itself or for (full) RetroArch MAME

  • MAME Softlists and MAME MESS Emulators
    • now user generatable, that project was incorporated into MAMEtool
    • users generate their own Efind for either MAME or RetroArch MAME via a MAME scan
    • a MAME scan will augment the users systems list with newly-found systems
    • stop saving the old MESS Efinds in the QuickPlay file bundle
    • reworked and fixed bug with Retroarch MAME embedded systems list, so that it now works
    • update MAME Softlists and MAME MESS Emulators for MAME 187
    • real icon directory now configured via MAME Options (prints out to Romdata.dat)
    • prints its scan results together with MAMEtool's scan results
    • now keeps track of the version of MAME used to generate Efind/Softlists (visible in MAME Options)
    • removed the old 'tool' that moved the canned softlists to users data dir

Posted by butter100fly on 02-12-2017
QuickPlay 4.2.2 is released
  • updated daemon tools command line for dt 10.6...we still are going to pre-mount a K:/ SCSI drive (though DT now has many other mounting possibilities), but its a LOT faster now...
  • fix github lost spaces in markdown
  • multithreading long-since defunct mame options
  • ordered the arcade efind
  • make picture on readme reappear on github
  • consistent naming of atari-8bit
Posted by butter100fly on 13-11-2017
QuickPlay 4.2.1 is released
  • updated defaults system list and default extensions for systems
  • various efind tweaks to support mame-mess-retroarch
  • Retroarch non-mess emus renamed to fit better with mess
  • set of efinds for mess-related uis
  • fixup type namings
  • fixed error in updates script
  • real icons set to small icons
  • add folder location to softlists, you can mass-edit to get real icons
  • Made an embedded systems romdata for mame-mess, "the batman" is back!
  • corrected redirect, MESS now included
  • readmes for the softlists
  • add sourcecode for movers
  • fixed welcome description of utils menu
Posted by butter100fly on 16-05-2017
QuickPlay 4.2.0 is released
Yeah there's a list of stuff below, but this release is about making MESS (I mean MAME and RetroArch-MAME's non-arcade systems) finally work well. There's new efinds and data folders targeted at thse two emulators. I'm pretty happy with it and so big is the effect on QuickPlay when you've set these up we're going to a new minor version - 4.2. Read about it on the wiki here: http://quickplay.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/MESS In particular existing users note the instructions on that page about updating - there's now an updates folder. If you want the new MAME/RetroArch stuff then please follow it
  • new systems dat in resources - even corrects some names MAME/MESS got wrong
  • added new Efinds for Mame and Retroarch's Mess
  • add all new automatedsoftlists for Retroarch and Mame
  • added movers for the softlists
  • remove Mess Magician as a tool
  • updates tool executable
  • retroarch.ini: fixed bug 40 - retroarch core format
  • resolved char encoding issue
  • included update script that conforms system/machine names
  • start to write system name updates mechanism
  • about box was right costrained a bit
  • corrected references to forum
Posted by butter100fly on 06-05-2017